Alex Lynd

I'm a cybersecurity content creator, hardware hacker, and open-source developer with a focus on Signals Intelligence and embedded security.

InfoSec Content Creator

I create beginner-focused cybersecurity tutorials on Hak5, and occasionally co-host a news segment on SecurityFWD.

Security Researcher & Hacker

I specialize in embedded security & signals intelligence, and use low-cost hardware to create proof-of-concepts like the CreepDetector.

Full-Stack Product Designer

I develop comprehensive products like the Nugget, a cat-shaped hardware tool that makes ethical hacking fun & accessible to beginners.

CyberSecurity Presenter

I host cybersecurity & ethical-hacking focused workshops around LA, and occasionally present at conferences such as HOPE and SCALE.

Embedded Hardware Developer

I develop Signals Intelligence & IoT focused hardware prototypes such as smart-home products, and pocket-sized WiFi hacking tools.