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Exploiting 6 Function Calculators


CalcProbe is an exploit that allows you to hack any regular 6 function calculator into an internet-capable device that can execute code.

How It Works

A calculator's PCB contains an arrangement of the keys in a style known as a key matrix. When keys are pressed and indexed to a certain row/column, this info is sent to the processor which updates the screen with relevant info. By hijacking the key matrix on the PCB by adding an MCU piggy-backed on top, we can send fake keypresses by probing the row and column of certain keystrokes. We also can read input, and thus utilize the calculator as a full IO device. We hook up the calculator PCB to a Raspberry Pi Zero W's GPIO pins, and can program anything we want.

Parts List


More info coming soon.



Download all (ZIP)

sch01.png (SCH)