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A Modular Handheld Raspberry Pi PDA


AuditPi is a handheld pocket computer with a variety of uses, but aimed at mobile hacking and audits. This device comes in a phone form factor and runs Linux, offering full functionality of a computer. It's modular design allows it to easily be mounted in a variety of places and on standard tripods.

Please check the archives under the video if you are looking for an in depth build process for each iteration of the project.


AuditPi is a Linux computer that uses a Raspberry Pi 3 as the processor, and features a 3.5" screen driven over SPI using the WaveShare TFT drivers. These components have been slimmed down to fit in a smaller form factor and for arrangement. The unit is powered by a 3.7V battery, stepped up with an Adafruit PowerBoost 1000C. There is a 1/4"-20 thread mount at the bottom of the case that allows it to be tethered to tripods and other stands. The design is intended to be as modular as possible, so I am working on making this a more open and easier design to replicate by designing custom PCBs.


Build Process

AuditPi is in it's first iteration, and the design isn't as modular and plug and play as I intended. There is a lot of tricky solder work and fine wiring making this a hard project for beginners. I am working on improving the design, and working on custom PCB's.

Parts List


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  1. Start by downloading the 2 stl files for this project on the side of the page.


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