Alex Lynd

Well rounded hacker and maker looking for more opportunities to create cool CS projects and learn as much as I can. I'm passionate about making YouTube videos and sharing my content with others. Currently in high school and pursuing multiple hobbies including martial arts and music.

About Me

I'm currently in high school, and am self taught in everything CS. I've worked on a lot of personal projects aimed mostly at hardware hacking and auditing devices, which I've recently started to upload to the internet. I've picked up a lot in programming, hacking, electronics, and webdev. I coded this website myself from scratch, and you can check out some of my projects. I prototype electronics, hack/fix consumer electronics, make websites, and much more. My current projects include a device for portable wardriving and an AI-based trash sorting device. I also love pyrotechnics and fire stuff.

My Story

I'm Alex Lynd, and a 16 year old maker/hacker from California. I pursue a lot of hobbies including piano, skating, TaeKwonDo, parkour, hacking and more! I spend most of my time hacking electonics / programming, and push my content to the internet and YouTube. I'm interested in infosec and hacking, and have been teaching myself a lot about various CS subjects. I'm a big fan of open-source and free content, and my goal is to keep learning and to spread my knowledge to as many people as I can.